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Pupil Portal News

Portal News Locked Accounts and Password Changes 4-Jul-2019
  If pupils have any problems logging in they should contact Sally Hunt on shunt@stjohns.surrey.sch.uk or contact the IT Department on 01372 373000 or itsupport@stjohns.surrey.sch.uk
Portal News Firefly 4-Jul-2019
  To get access to Firefly please copy the following link into your internet browser. https://stjohnsleatherhead.fireflycloud.net/dashboard
Portal News Email/Office365 Applications 4-Jul-2019
  To get access to your email or Office 365 Applications please copy the following link into your browser: https://portal.office.com
Portal News Foldr 4-Jul-2019
  To access your documents within Foldr please copy the link below to your internet browser. https://foldr.stjohns.surrey.sch.uk